How to Respond to B2B Sales Challenges in 2023

With change comes the unexpected. In B2B sales, change is a continual reality – businesses are always finding new ways to research sales strategies, analyse data and respond to the needs of customers.

In 2023, we encourage you to make it your mission to view the challenges below as an opportunity to adapt and refine your sales process.

Pressure makes diamonds, my friend! Let’s Go! 

Differentiating Yourself in a Competitive Market

According to Hubspot, “data-driven marketers will win in 2023 [because using data-driven marketing] helps reach their target audience more effectively, create more effective marketing content…and increase the ROI of their marketing efforts.” When refining your sales process, consider what your message to potential customers is and how this responds to the essence of the B2B sales process; how can you simplify the challenges your customers are facing as efficiently as possible?

The increase in sales outcomes reliant on technology provides a handy solution for going against the (industry) grain successfully. Research what customers are struggling with, the services your competitors provide (especially functions they’ve left out) and industry trends. Monitoring shifts in the startup community is easy on LinkedIn. Remember, it’s a strength to acknowledge that you’re still learning about B2B, so read, ask and network.

Personalising Sales and Prospecting Efforts

Salesforce reports that “71% of (B2B customers) report that sales interactions feel transactional.” Gee-whiz, if that isn’t enough to make your stomach churn! Sometimes in the B2B world, we get swept away on the magic carpet of ROI, KPIs, how many qualified leads are projected and how many leads we’re generating, that we forget the most crucial element of the sales cycle: the humans who are actually on the end of the experience.

Taking sales and prospecting emails as an example, RAIN Group has recently reported that “80% of buyers prefer to be contacted by email” – which means nailing your sales and prospecting emails is guaranteed to massively boost your revenue. 

In a Twitter post on content writing, Joe Portsmouth picks up on a key skill that will transform your sales/prospecting efforts, particularly when employing outbound tactics, and it’s so simple: When you write with one person in mind, you’ll establish a stronger connection with the reader. They’ll think: this person gets me.” 

Have sales reps consult resources such as Salesforce and MailChimp for tips and tricks to finesse their approach to prospecting and outbound sales processes. And that’s exactly how you rise above uninspiring and dreary sales interactions.

Struggling to Independently Attract Prospects

According to Harvard Business Review, “84% of B2B buyers start the purchasing process with a referral.” Have a squiz over how your business attracts leads – if you match up with the criteria of referrals being the most fruitful avenue: don’t stress out. Being an independent lead-generating machine takes time and support. 

Start out by reviving your business’s LinkedIn, then carry on with socials like Instagram. Here are five essentials to tweak on your LinkedIn ASAP:

  1. Upgrading your bio to tell your customers and industry colleagues what your business is all about and what services you provide.
  2. Add a group of new links to your LinkedIn network daily to expand your outreach. 
  3. Compare and contrast the content that your industry experts are putting out so that you can produce relevant and timely content. 
  4. Give your profile a professional edge by updating your profile picture and banner. 
  5. If you notice relevant industry networking events or conferencing being held (both digitally and face-to-face), get along and make new connections. 

B2B in the B2C space? Considering that User-Guiding’s recent research finds that “73% of millennials would be taking part in the B2B sales process…(therefore) traditional B2B sales funnels (are) estimated to fail.” Take the plunge and chat to industry professionals about how you can create partnerships to benefit your sales output.

Economic Recession Conditions and Limited Spending

The term recession is nightmarish for any business-owner, but play devil’s advocate for a moment. When times are tough and there’s a tighter budget, you need to be more considerate of what you’re channelling funds into.  It’s a time to simplify your sales expenditure and only invest in the things that are serving your ROI and generating maximum leads. It can also mean researching how the market is moving throughout the year, and selecting when, where, how and why you’re putting out sales/prospecting content.

Additionally, User-Guiding cites that “68% of B2B buyers require brands to understand their personal needs and wants before (they make) a buying decision. In times of financial hardship, it’s important to listen to your customers – document the challenges they’re facing, and work to present solutions. 

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