Inbox Glow-Up: Email Marketing Go-to’s for B2B

There’s a famous saying that you can tell a lot about a person by how they organise their email platform. Well…maybe not a famous saying, but you get the idea. Some people take the I’m-too-Terrified-to-Look approach and have 1,457 unread notifications and some have everything colour coded and filed.

Considering that there are approximately 4 billion email users, some of whom are your prospective customers, it makes sense to strategise how you can cater for all kinds of email users and effectively generate leads from a communication tool that is used by so many people. But just how do you ensure your emails aren’t dragged straight into the ‘Junk’ folder with a scowl of disdain? Well, we’ve got your back there.

Hop to It: Blog Summary

  • Quick Tips to Make your Email Marketing Memorable & Successful 
  • Transactional Emails
  • Lead Nurturing Emails 
  • Blogs & Newsletters 
  • Informational Emails

🐝 Absolutely Buzzing with Email Success 🐝

Bees have incredible communication skills. And while not too many bees have email (that we’re aware of), we can harness their style for a stellar email marketing campaign. Just like the bees, you’ll be super productive with generating qualified leads if you email tailored and well-timed content to your customers.

Additionally, customer/business connection and relationship building is guaranteed as you are lifting their inbox from a place of receipts and bank statements to one of exciting and personal content, as well as functionality.

Speedy Tips for Making your Emails Successful & Memorable: 

  • Adding an Emoji to your Subject Line: Doing this lights up a blank inbox and draws the eye of your customer to your email. 

  • Short & Sweet: Keeping your emails to the point, but still unique in their tone and voice will achieve the important balance of passing on the required information to your customers whilst also showcasing what makes your business different from your competitors. 

  • Signatures: Ensure that your sign-off matches the overall vibe of your company. If you’re more casual, you might go for something like ‘Have a great day!’ or if you’re more formal you might go for ‘Warm Regards.’  

  • Hyperlinks that Actually Work: Obvious as it may seem, you’d be surprised how many times I’ve tried to click on a hyperlink in an email only to find that it doesn’t take me to the right place. Even worse, this seems more frequent when reading emails on a phone, so check that your content is fitted to phone dimensions and accessibility requirements.

  • Font Size & Colour: You are catering for a diverse audience, and your visual layout needs to reflect this! Some people may struggle viewing particular colours if they are colour blind, or others may need to be able to adjust the size of the font. Check that you can zoom in without text scrambling across the screen!

🐝 Respect the Busy Bee 🐝

Transactional emails are like the worker bees of email marketing. They perform the everyday tasks which your customers need – providing a receipt for a purchase, acknowledging an action on your website, giving an overview of your business’s offers when your customers join up.

Again, consider your target audience when you compose the template for these emails – everyone is a busy bee: use transactional emails to ease the process of making a purchase or using a service for your customers and entice them to invest in your business.

Speedy Tips for Transactional Emails: 

  • Personalise that Product: Even if you are simply emailing an automated response or a confirmation of an order, it warms the heart to receive an email that has a captivating subject line and includes your name in the opening address. Show your customers they’re part of something special by leaving custom fields in your email templates for their name to automatically enter into.

  • Keep the Customer’s Journey in Mind: You’re going to need emails which scaffold for all manner of customer needs throughout their adventures with your business. Ensure you’ve got transactional emails that match up with awareness, consideration, decision-making and retention stages.  

🍯 The Honeycomb Framework 🍯

Lead nurturing emails are relevant and personal to your customers, and provide them with similar opportunities connected to things they’ve already interacted with: creating one big honeycomb! This streamlines your entire workplace and customer service process, keeping things moving along smoothly.

Speedy Tips for Lead Nurturing Emails: 

  • Down with the Trends: Utilising platforms such as Google Analytics will allow you to graph and map the current trends in searching around the world, and filter them specifically to what your business niche is. This is a great way of understanding what your customers need and then providing opportunities that relate to that.

  • Keywords for Days: Understanding what keywords you need to include in your emails will help you reach your target audience in a personal way & even get them sharing your email content out to others who have similar criteria.

Tell Me About It! 🗣

One other way of creating close-knit relationships with your customers is trying out emailing them blogs or newsletters which provide them with fresh content. Hubspot Social Media Marketing Manager Kelly Hendrickson says ‘succinctness and clarity are key in content’ and this is a great lens to frame your blogs/newsletters in.

Speedy Tips for Successful Blogs & Newsletters: 

  • CTA (Call-To-Action) Timing: While newsletters are a great opportunity to include CTA functions like ‘Click here for the full article’ or ‘Contact Us’ you should let the content be the star of the show and format CTAs around that subject matter.

  • Problem-Solvers: In coming to your business, customers will be looking for a solution to a challenge. For example, let’s say they may be looking for the perfect candle. Using this information, you may provide blogs/newsletters which highlight the bestselling candles your business has to offer. This way, you’re providing a solution right to their inbox!

Try not to overload your customers by sending too many, remember – quality over quantity. And at the end of the day, trial and error is important in finding what suits your customers best – ask them what they’d like to see from your business!

The Main Event 🎟

Informational emails are like a monthly planner for your customers – they can get event invites, offers, deals and more sent straight to their inbox for ease. Consider how you format these emails – what’s easiest to read, how will you order your information? We suggest using an email platform and template which is tried and tested, as well as having gone through some troubleshooting to make sure your customers receive the fully refined, snazzy package.

Speedy Tips for Successful Informational Emails:

  •  Phone Friendly: It’s very common to have your email account accessible on your phone for all your on-the-go needs, nowadays. So anything you format and put together that takes the shape of a catalogue or an invitation needs to be fully compatible with phone-size screen dimensions. Otherwise the text is out of proportion and nothing reads properly across the screen, leading readers to simply delete the email.

  • Compress to Impress: A quick email is a good email! Keep your information condensed so that readers don’t have to whip out a magnifying glass looking for the location of your launch party. Try to only bold headings that should stand out, otherwise key information like the ‘When, Where, What’ of an event get lost in the invitation.

The Beehive 🐝

Aha! And just when you thought we’d run out of bee metaphors, we’re back with another one. If you need support with email marketing tactics, reach out here. And, if  you’d like to explore more of our B2B expertise, you can scroll through our fabulous – if we do say so ourselves – insights library.