IWD2023 – Q&A with the Women of Rovert Digital

“We’re more than just a social post.” Today is International Women’s Day 2023, and the time to celebrate and amplify all the incredible aspects of being a woman. Being two young, driven and creative professionals, Hannah and Liv are passionate about inspiring fellow women with their stories. These fabulous ladies are the dynamic duo behind Rovert Digital’s content and social media success.

We asked Liv and Hannah to tell us a bit about their unique philosophies on work, happiness, mental health and being a young woman in the startup industry.


What’s the biggest development you’ve undergone since you started work at Rovert Digital?

Hannah: “When I first started, I was new to the industry and I wasn’t aware of all the avenues of digital marketing. For me, having a structured process was really important. Now, I’m able to view lots of details as part of a bigger picture and see projects holistically. I’ve learnt to be a leader by understanding that everyone’s teamwork adds up to the final result.”

If you could give last-year-Liv a piece of advice on her first day at Rovert Digital, what would it be and why?

Liv: “Autonomy is an asset, but it’s just as important to ask for help. Many times throughout my first six months, I heaped responsibility onto myself and was hesitant to admit that I needed additional information. Acknowledging that you could use support doesn’t diminish your intelligence, it actually emphasises that you are a conscientious, caring person.”

What’s your perspective on happiness? How do you react to feeling not-so-great?

Hannah: “You need bad days to be grateful for happy days. Happiness and gratitude are intertwined, for me. I am a super positive person, so whenever I do have a low day, I always try my best to switch my perspective. Being 21, mindset, the people you hang around and the work you do, are essential ingredients in making progress. Family and friendships mean a lot to me as well.”

After a long working week, what things help you wind-down? And where is your happy place?

Liv: “Music, music, music.
I’m happy when I’m dancing. I think changing your body’s interaction with the world after sitting at a desk or looking at a screen really assists me in detaching from the online. My happy place is when I’m at one with my writing and the words. Or in the kitchen, because food nourishes the soul and our relationships.”


What would you tell other young women looking to get into their first entry-level, full-time role?

Hannah: “Make sure you’re going into something you’re passionate about, that you want growth and development in. Passion informs your willingness to learn. At an entry-level job, you won’t know everything, so make mistakes, ask questions , be curious and get inspired. Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

As a copywriter, what’s your advice for women in the writing industry? It’s super competitive, so how do you push through writer’s block or rejection?

Liv: Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re taking yourself too seriously. I cannot count the amount of people who have laughed at my goals or creative projects I had on the cards, because they assumed I didn’t have enough experience to get myself where I wanted to go.

I stayed focused on myself and stayed consistent – write everyday, write bad, write again, write better.

Your first draft is a first draft for a reason. Writer’s block can be cured by looking after yourself first and turning to art that celebrates the artist and their journey.

The all of the incredible women out there, happy International Women’s Day! This is our day, so be sure to celebrate in your own way. ❤️