A No-Fuss B2B Inbound Marketing Guide

Before we begin, what is B2B marketing? Business-to-Business marketing is all about marketing with heart. Using digital platforms, B2B uses the preferences and habits of your customers to ensure that every interaction they have with your business is memorable and efficient.

Outbound marketing tactics like cold-calling and spamming inboxes are so last season! Instead, if you use the following B2B Marketing guidebook, you’ll run a business which is not only on-top of the charts with its organic traffic, but provides outcomes for your customers. Get ready to build meaningful relationships with your customers and amplify why your business makes a difference!

Personalise your Audience’s Experience

Where outbound marketing is impersonal, sort of the business equivalent of just texting ‘ok’, inbound marketing is all about personalisation. You’re recommending products and services especially for each customer and you’re empowering them to decide what features matter to them.

Instead of pushing products and offers at random, you’re making informed choices about what suits individual customers. Communication preference, forms and content can really help here, such as individualised emails, blogs and customisation functions on your website.

Tough Crowd, No More! – Unblock the Lead Funnel

If you’ve ever felt like your business leads are moving about as fast as a gridlocked highway, don’t worry. We recommend running an eye over the details and structure of your website and social media, with these tips in mind, look for:

  • System overload: Any examples of content where wording is unclear or your customers have to sleuth for information. 
  • Inconsistent Info; customers will be able to recommend and recall your business, just like their favourite song, so much easier if you have a distinct vibe. 
  • Communication Confusion: make sure avenues of interaction are varied and easy to find. We live in an instant world, so speed and function are super important. Detangle your socials!
  • CTA Smarts: Make sure you’re not swamping your customers with call-to-action prompts right away. Let them explore and then provide offers based on their actions.

The Essential Customer Requirements

  • Content Cruisin’: Get to know the preferences of your customers & apply them to your product. The more you know about your product, the better you can match it with prospective customers. 
  • Social Butterfly: Really, it’s the place to be for reaching your target audience. Hashtags, highlights, reels, stories, polls; the options are countless, and don’t hesitate to put your own spin on them. Don’t forget social listening and engage with your audience, even outside of your social channels.
  • SEO Superpowers: Search Engine Optimisation uses keywords to boost your business onto the radar of people who are searching for your niche. It’s all about creating a community for collaboration!

  • Yours Sincerely: Make your emails fun and worth taking the time to read. With this in mind, space them out and keep them tailored to the needs of each customer. We’re talking beyond just a personal name at the beginning – send them content they’ll be interested in. Allow customers to fully customise what kind of emails they want to receive as well.

Off to a Flying Start!

If we do say so ourselves, we’re wizards of startup marketing and B2B. We know that business can get consumed by jargon, and, let’s cut to it: frankly, my dear, it can be like extracting teeth when trying to juggle the various elements of owning and marketing a successful business. So fear not, we’re here to keep things clear, but also to jazz up the norm. 

We offer loads of enchanting options to bring your business the success it deserves, including writing content for your blogs/websites and more, managing your socials, refining your website and showing you how to use SEO as your ultimate power move. 

Yup, you’re about to feel like your business can moonwalk everywhere you go. And all of this is done through our niche growth strategies. If you’re ready for your Rovert Digital adventure to begin, click here. Our team cannot wait to accompany you on your journey. Let’s get to work!